What happens if its not my fault?

If it's a non-fault accident you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle through the third party's insurance. If not, we can supply a free courtesy car for the duration of the repair if your policy allows.

My insurance company has requested I take my vehicle elsewhere?

Whether your insurer wants you to take your vehicle to another repairer or not, you are perfectly entitled to insist on a repairer of your choice. The choice lies with the policyholder – it's what you pay your insurance premiums for.

What will happen if my car is written off?

Usually your insurer will guide you through a settlement process; please ask our help desk if you would like clarification or a further explanation.

How long will it take to repair my car?

Anything between a few days and couple of weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. You will be able to get updates.

What do you do with waste paint and materials?

We take environmental issues seriously and ensure that excess paint and materials are disposed of responsibly, complying with the latest legislation. Equally we care for the health of our staff to keep the atmosphere clear of dust with suitable extraction units around the workshop.

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